Going Viral with Challenges Guide

You’ve got ideas for a great challenge, but how do you take it to the next level?

This guide helps you with that strategic piece so you can maximize reach and land sponsors/collaborators with ease. This is the piece most people miss out on, but makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE.

Includes secret strategies to leverage collaborations to skyrocket exposure and impact

Full suite of email scripts to automate your outreach process!

Here's What You Get:

Mini E-book Guide

A comprehensive guide to leveraging collaborations to further skyrocket your online challenge's impact.

Inside The E-Book...

With details on how to significant increase domain authority in a short period of time

How to get people who want to promote your challenge for you (for free!)

Paying someone to link back to your website? Ewww no! I’ll share several secrets to getting link-backs to boost SEO, that are genuine and get you rewarded by Google.

Want to get on some larger publications? This guide will also cover some strategies for that!

We’ll cover how to increase the chances of people saying “YES!”, whether you’re looking to have them contribute content, promote, or sponsor your challenge.

Full Email Scripts

Email scripts adapted from exact successful emails I sent to pitch to speakers, collaborators, and sponsors for my challenge!

The Scripts Included...

Perfect for if you’re looking for people to contribute a keynote or resources for your challenge. Includes one version that requests promotion from the other party, as well as one version to pitch to larger-scale collaborators without requiring promotion from them.

If your business has multiple employees, it may be better to have a more corporate style email (if you will not be reaching out personally) for your employees/assistant to use when reaching out.

An email script for those who are interested in working with you, to help move them to the next step and provide more details.

A script to use for when you want to pitch to a journalist or a media platform to include you in an article!

My Strategies Have Gotten Results Such As...

success rate at closing collaborations
0 %
shares on social media for a single online challenge
0 +
new accounts reached through a single campaign
0 +

If you want to rapidly gain credibility and exposure to increase your audience, hosting an online challenge will bring you MASSIVE results.


That is – if you’re using the right marketing strategies to your advantage.


If you’d rather not waste time on trial and error, and want to make your next challenge a resounding success in the first go, this is the kit that will GET YOU THERE. You’ll learn what strategies to use, and then how exactly to approach them to maximize results. 

Who am I?

Hey, I’m Hedy Zhou, founder and creative director of Happily Hedy. My experience in digital marketing and social media strategy is all about bringing RESULTS (like the ones you see above). I’ve run and strategized marketing campaigns and launches for multiple organizations and businesses, including non-profits, product based companies, and events. My clients have been featured in the New York Times, Entrepreneur, and USA Today


The formula I use to market and build successful online challenges for them is the exact one I’m sharing with you in this guide. 

Ready to make your online challenge explode with success?

Get your challenge in front of your target audience with these tried-and-true strategies, and then get excited because BIG results are coming.

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