Online Challenge Hosting Starter Kit

Online challenges have brought my business organic, evergreen leads and traffic to this day (yes, even the challenges I ran years ago). They’ve also gotten me to rank on Google, and have my posts shared over 1000 times.


Want to learn how to do the same?

This kit is for you.

A step-by-step workbook and guide, complete with a timeline and covering the various stages of the planning process.

Plus, more guides and tips to help you through the planning and ideation process

Spreadsheet templates to help house your outreach process, as well as overall timeline and content plan. You can re-use it for multiple challenges!

Gorgeous, fully customizable Canva templates you can use for Pinterest, and re-size for any other promo materials!

Here's What You Get:

Planning Your Challenge Workbook

A step-by step workbook to help you structure your topic and plan out the details of your challenge

Promotional & Pinterest Graphic Templates

Professionally designed Canva templates optimized for Pinterest, and great to use for website banners as well!

Google Sheets Template

Includes 3 fillable sheets, perfect for housing and tracking your plans: Task and Timeline Tracker, Content Planner, and Outreach Management Tracker

Save yourself time, headaches, and money.

Online challenges can take a lot of energy to plan and run, ESPECIALLY if you’re new to it all.


Don’t waste time throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks, and save yourself the headaches of trial, experimentation, and error. Plus, time is money! How about planning a challenge that’s a success in your first go?


This kit shares the process I use to plan several successful challenges and online events myself, so you can speed up the process and plan something that will bring RESULTS to your business. 

Ready to scale your business with the help of an online challenge?

Let’s do it.

$99 $ 49 00 for the whole kit